What is MementoDNA?

Looking for a unique and memorable gift for love one?


What about preserving your DNA in jewelry form! Your loved-ones DNA in a beautiful MementoDNA pendant!

Do you know way of having their loved one with them at all times in Hundreds years ago?

Hundreds of years ago men and woman used to wear lockets with their loved ones hair.

Have you seen Angelina Jolie wearing a vial of blood from Billy Bob Thornton recently?

MementoDNA is the most personalized gift for any special occasion!

Why you want to get a MementoDNA pendant?

• An excellent memorabilia to keep those you love close to heart
• Archived DNA is the best suited identification source in case of lost person/pet
• An inimitable way to keepsake your pet with material that contains all its genetic information
• A great symbol for "together forever" (mix individuals' DNA in one jewelry) Who wants a MementoDNA?
• Parents and grandparents who want to leave their life essence to their children
• Pet owners who want to keep them "live forever" - DNA is also suitable for genetic testing
• Children from families no longer together to have all the members “united” in their own jewelry
• Couples to stay “forever together” in their own unique jewelries

How to collect the DNA

You collect the DNA of your companion, loved one or child easier than brushing their teeth. By using a simple cotton bud inside their mouth. Then simply pop the cotton bud in the postage paid envelope and we'll send you back your a MementoDNA.


Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA, is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. In essence, DNA is a set of blueprints that is unique to each individual except in case of identical twins. Since your genetic make up is unique, our MementoDNA Jewelry Pendant or MementoDNA Art generated from your DNA, is a truly unique product. There is no other jewelry or artwork with your DNA available out there. So now you can give a gift that has your genetic blueprint to someone special to cherish.

Why Cheek Cells?

Compared other cells in your body cheek cells are easily accessible and painless for sampling. Cheek cells contain samples of DNA like any other cells in the body and are able to function as the mucous membrane that does not dry or firm up like most of the skin cells. These cheek cells are collected using a sterile cotton swab from the inner cheek of your mouth (a buccal swab)

How Are Samples Collected?

Easy and Pain Free way to Collect DNA Sample: In order to make a MementoDNA Jewelry Pendant or MementoDNA Art, we will send you a pre-paid self-addressed DNA collection kit. This kit contains a complete instructions and sterile cheek swabs needed to collect your DNA samples from your mouth. Simply remove the swabs from the container and collect the samples from inner cheek of your mouth. Place the swab in the sterile tube provided and return the kit to our lab. In a few weeks we will send you your MementoDNA Jewelry Pedant or MementoDNA Art that has your own DNA.

How do I order a MementoDNA Jewelry Pendant?

You can create your own MementoDNA Jewelry Pendant by
1. Choose your style, and color and place your order.
2. In few days you will receive a DNA collection kit by mail.
3. Follow the step-by-step instruction to collect sample.
4. Send your sample back to us by pre-paid self-addressed envelope.
5. You will receive the final product in the mail.

Using DNA Collection Kit

Instructions for sample collection
Before Collection : The person being sampled for DNA should not eat or drink for at least 1 hour prior to sampling. Before taking the sample, rinse the mouth with water only. Do not use any toothpaste or any other oral hygiene product for rinse.

Step One: Pull open the sterile buccal swab package and remove one of the sterile swabs from the package, paying close attention not to touch the cotton tip.

Step Two: Insert the swab into your mouth and rub the cotton bud firmly back and forth against the inside of your cheek or underneath lower or upper lip for 30 sec.

Step Three: Hold the Eppendorf tube upright and open the cap.

Place the swab into the Eppendorf tube with the cotton tip in first. Cut off the handle portion of swab so the Eppendorf tube cap will close. Repeat Step Two and Step Three with second swab.

Step Four: Place two tube samples back into the self addressed shipping package and return it to us.


What They Say

test "DNA as gifts to Loved one! Wow, What an excellent idea! Wonderful piece of Crystal DNA Jewelry. Now I feel we are still as close as ever.

by: John S., webdesigner

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Pet MementoDNA Jewel:
Your Pet's DNA Jewel - with this kit you will receive a beautiful Crystal jewel pendant containing your pet's DNA. We have completed phase 2 Product development of MementoDNA Jewelry and MementoDNA ART. You can explore our product Galleries now.

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